KMK Wax Warmer
KMK Wax Warmer
KMK Wax Warmer

KMK Wax Warmer

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1 piece random style/color wax warmer
(2 tea lights included with purchase of wax warmer)


Don't have a wax warmer, or need another to add to your collection? Purchase our wax warmer today!
Ceramic wax warmer is small enough to fit any space with beautiful designs that will show off every space! The warmer is available in various random style and colors. These warmers will add the ambience from the candle light and the aromatherapy from your favorite KMK wax melts. Usage of this product involves tea lights. Non electric, non plug-in. Perfect for your kitchen, living room, bathroom, bedrooms and offices. Let the heat from the tealight warmer melt your wax and fill your home with an abundance of our fragrances! Visit our soy wax melts to choose a scent you’ll love!

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Avoid contact with eyes. Do not leave unattended. Allow wax melts to burn completely and cool before removal. Keep out of reach of children. Do not swallow.